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I have no pretensions neither to names nor to faces, I take it as a game.

We live in the age of copies when everything has already been thought up and invented. And when it seems to you that you have thought of something new, it turns out that somebody else came to it long ago or almost at the same time with you.
The flow of information is so big that it is hard to distinguish who has inspired you – the nature itself or some other creator. Has your creation come from you, your dreams and thoughts or has it been thrown ashore by your memory, like the sea washes to coast a piece of amber, fished in the flood of information of the internet space?
I have no pretensions neither to names nor to faces, I take it as a game.
When everything has already been created all is left is to shake off the burden of inventions and without looking around too much just do the same things your own way, with an easy hand, like playing.


The COPIE brand clothes will have no labels – none at all because we save: time (used for their production and disposal), money (don’t have illusions, you are the ones who pay for the labels), the planet (its resources and its pollution). Instead of a LOGO label there will be a print.
The composition of the fabric and the care of it can be found in description that accompanies the garment.
The size of the garment will only be available for you and Copie.


our approach to sustainability and ecology

Made by reducing fabric waste to a minimum and speeding up production times while respecting an artisanal production process
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